What’s a Blessing during Extreme Weather Events? Mylar Thermal Blankets

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Disaster Planning Moment:

What’s a Blessing during Extreme Weather Events? Mylar Thermal Blankets

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)One of the best emergency survival investments you can make is the Mylar Thermal Blanket. These blankets are very thin and lightweight and are usually silver or gold in color and have an extremely reflective coating. The reflective side reflects 80% of the thermal energy that reaches it which makes it very effective in keeping a person warm when temperatures drop. Mylar thermal blankets can fold up very compactly, making them attractive for storing in your “go kit” you have constructed for emergencies.

Mylar thermal blankets are sometimes called space blankets because they were developed for the U.S. Space program where they were first used by the astronauts.

Many people have included a few of these blankets in their emergency kits because of their compactness and the fact they are waterproof and windproof.

Not only are thermal blankets useful in cold temperatures, they can also be used when the weather is hot. Because they are lightweight and pliable, they can also be rigged and hung so they provide a shady spot. By creating a shady spot, it can help make it a little cooler for you than just being exposed to direct sunlight.

When disaster strikes, you may be forced to be outdoors in extreme weather conditions and you will need shelter. Homes and other buildings may not be safe to occupy. If you are on the road and disaster strikes, you may be forced to travel outside on foot for a while. These blankets are fairly inexpensive and will be a welcome survival tool when you need them. They often come in packs of 10, so you can put them in your “go kit” as well as in your automobiles.

Be prepared for emergencies. The mylar thermal blanket is one item you will want to have.

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